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Healing terminologies

IlotPalawan traditional healer who specializes in liso (bone dislocation). He uses massage techniques (painful according to some patients) but keeps the affected part from swelling and puts the bones back to the original position. An ilot could also be a maninikeg.
ManenepaPalawan traditional healer, either a man or a woman, who specializes in treating marep (described as body pains as if thorns were embedded on one's flesh). The manenegpa utters a tawar or batya (incantation), blows on the painful part, grabs the muscle, twists it, and pulls out whatever object has been embedded on it, which may be bamboo sticks, ransang (nail), or besley (dart or arrow)
ManinikegPalawan traditional healer, a man, who assists during childbirth
By palpating the abdomen of a pregnant woman, he is able to know the exact time when the woman is going to deliver. During delivery, he forcefully pushes the uterine fundus until all the products of conception are out, ie, the infant, placenta and any aring (described a fingerlike projections of the placenta which may cause death when retained)
MengengpetPalawan traditional healer, a woman, who assists during childbirth. Her responsibilities include catching the infant as it is delivered, coordinating with the maninikeg whether the placenta has been expelled or not, and expressing whether she thinks there is some aring that has been retained. She also cuts the umbilical cord, places the inulunan (placenta) in the denoman (bamboo water container), bathes the infant, and washes the mother.