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- Local ailments -

Sinnat Sinnat is commonly translated into English as relapse. Usually described as a condition where in a person recovered from an illness then suddenly gets sick again shortly after. Sinnat also refers as bughat in Bisaya and binat in Tagalog. Another form of bughat where in women are affected which they experienced after giving birth or after having an abortion or miscarriage. Signs and symptoms include: headache, body pains/ malaise, chills, dizziness, easy fatigability, and sometimes even blindness. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For Gipamalikasan A woman is wooed; turned down the suitor and in return inflicted her with an illness. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
"Pasmo" (Bisaya), "Pasma" (Tagalog) Pasmo is described as a feeling of being cold and easy fatigability. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
Hampak sa hangin or sabar/sammor Hampak hangin or Sabar or Sammor or na "ana iring nita", na dili ingon nato (Bisaya), na nuno (Tagalog) is a Tagabawa term culturally defined affliction due to hangin. When it strikes, body part/s affected is/are in pain it's usually manifested with common symptoms such as head ache, fever, colds but pain in different body areas is the most common patient's complain. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For seballo or sibanlo "Seballo" or "Sibanlo" refers to cultural infliction caused by "magkatawa" laughing/ making fun to any kinds of animal. Signs and symptoms include fever and flushing of the face (mamula ang nawong). Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For bitten by "not-like-ours", para sa paakon sa dili-ingon-nato Culturally defined, afflicted by not-like-ours Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
Bangkawon/ Bunuon sa dili-ingon-nato (pain inflicts on a specific body part and passes thru a separate direction. Inflicted person had a hard time breathing. It is believed that inside the infected body part is a big wound. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For cultural ailment salabet or pigsalabet (natabuan sa dili-ingon nato) (maski og unsaon pagtambal kay magsige og suka) Salabet or pigsalabet is a cultural affliction generally characterized by unexplainable vomiting and mostly accompanied by pain on certain areas of the body. Most commonly affected is the stomach area. If not promptly treated, it may lead to death due to dehydration. Davao - Tagakaolo 
For pigbunuon sa mangkalat (cursed by an entity unlike ours), gi hilabtan og dili-ingon natu in local dialect (Cebuano), with variations on different places- gi busaw(cursed by an entity not like ours) and gi-dautan (cursed by a super natural entity). This condition is described by the patient as abrupt and sudden on its onset. Pain is mostly complained or felt by the patients depending on the body parts attacked or inflicted and is sometimes accompanied by fever and body malaise. Davao - Tagakaolo 
For wound inflicted by "busaw", tigbason sa busawin local dialect (Cebuano). The patients affected by this condition commonly complained of sudden pain on different parts of the body. Davao - Talaingod Manobo