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- Local ailments -

Kurad white discoloration of skin in different areas of the body, irregularly shaped Kalinga - Maeng Tingguian 
kuyap (faint or loss of consciousness) A physical state where a person loses consciousness or faints. The person first feels dizzy, light-headedness, cold sweats, andcdifficulty of breathing. Pale lips is evident when one is losing consciousness. Siquijor - Bandilaan 
Lasi itchy and flaky scalp Kalinga - Maeng Tingguian 
Latupok Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Layusok (Can be associated to flu) Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Migebasan shiheg or Migelaan Shiheg (Pasmo sa kusog) Varicose veins, the body is weak and loss of weight. Zamboanga - Salambuyan 
Nagbutod-butod ilalom sa tilaok (lump in one's throat) Presence of lump inside the esophagus Siquijor - Bandilaan 
Padpadya (Black Witchcraft) Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Pagan Chills, headache and fever are felt. Zamboanga - Salambuyan 
Pagan Weak body and body pain are experience. Zamboanga - Salambuyan