Philippine Traditional Knowledge Digital Library on Health

- Local ailments -

Daot/Barang (Malady) It is usually characterized by abdominal enlargement, loss of appetite making the person weak and thin. When not managed right away, swollen extremities may appear. Siquijor - Bandilaan 
Diarrhea Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Dispula Foot to leg part are inflamed, red skin, not itchy, painful on the inflamed part. Mindoro - Hanunuo tribe 
For cultural ailment salabet or pigsalabet (natabuan sa dili-ingon nato) (maski og unsaon pagtambal kay magsige og suka) Salabet or pigsalabet is a cultural affliction generally characterized by unexplainable vomiting and mostly accompanied by pain on certain areas of the body. Most commonly affected is the stomach area. If not promptly treated, it may lead to death due to dehydration. Davao - Tagakaolo 
For Gipamalikasan A woman is wooed; turned down the suitor and in return inflicted her with an illness. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For pigbunuon sa mangkalat (cursed by an entity unlike ours), gi hilabtan og dili-ingon natu in local dialect (Cebuano), with variations on different places- gi busaw(cursed by an entity not like ours) and gi-dautan (cursed by a super natural entity). This condition is described by the patient as abrupt and sudden on its onset. Pain is mostly complained or felt by the patients depending on the body parts attacked or inflicted and is sometimes accompanied by fever and body malaise. Davao - Tagakaolo 
For protection against "gayuma", pangontra sa gayuma Gayuma refers to a cultural affliction induced by a person who uses sorcery or black magic to persuade or control victim for his/her personal gain or intentions. Davao - Talaingod Manobo 
For seballo or sibanlo "Seballo" or "Sibanlo" refers to cultural infliction caused by "magkatawa" laughing/ making fun to any kinds of animal. Signs and symptoms include fever and flushing of the face (mamula ang nawong). Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
For wound inflicted by "busaw", tigbason sa busawin local dialect (Cebuano). The patients affected by this condition commonly complained of sudden pain on different parts of the body. Davao - Talaingod Manobo 
Fungali (Nose bleeding) Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe