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- Local ailments -

For bitten by "not-like-ours", para sa paakon sa dili-ingon-nato Culturally defined, afflicted by not-like-ours Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
"Pasmo" (Bisaya), "Pasma" (Tagalog) Pasmo is described as a feeling of being cold and easy fatigability. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo 
Anarip The belly grows bigger, painful, the whole body is swollen. Mindoro - Hanunuo tribe 
Apli (Cuts) Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Aritis Itchy skin, has circles on the skin with water, inflammatory, the whole body can have aritis. Mindoro - Hanunuo tribe 
Arthritis Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Atung (Cough and Colds) Not provided Kalinga - UMA tribe 
Bakukang (Bangkukang) Large, oval, painful growths on the skin, often grows on the foot. Patient can?t walk because of the pain. The lesion can be watery, with visible center. Mindoro - Hanunuo tribe 
Balis Head ache that?s not relieved by conventional medications like taking paracetamol. Mindoro - Hanunuo tribe 
Bangkawon/ Bunuon sa dili-ingon-nato (pain inflicts on a specific body part and passes thru a separate direction. Inflicted person had a hard time breathing. It is believed that inside the infected body part is a big wound. Davao - Tagabawa Bagobo